Sacraments in the Orthodox Church are officially called the “holy mysteries.”   In the tradition of the Armenian Apostolic Church, there are seven rituals, or sacraments, which we perceive as outward signs instituted by Christ to give Grace: Baptism, Chrismation (or confirmation), Holy Communion (or Eucharist), Penance, Holy Matrimony, Holy Orders (ordination) and the unction of the sick.  These sacraments allow us to re-live what has happened in the past, demonstrate in the present that Jesus Christ lives, and prefigure our glorious future with Christ at the end of time.

The Orthodox Church of the Roman Catholics originally adopted the practice of counting out the seven sacraments.  However, the more ancient and traditional practice of the Orthodox Church is to consider all aspects of the life of the Church as sacramental or mystical, not just the seven sacraments listed above.

If you would like to make arrangements for one of the sacraments, please contact the Church office to ensure the Pastor's and Church's availability. All services will follow the Canons of the Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church. In accordance with Diocesan discipline mandated by the Primate, all Sacraments shall be administered in the church sanctuary which has been consecrated for the celebration of these sacred rites. All arrangements for the guest clergy to participate in sacraments, according to protocol, shall be initiated and made through the Pastor’s office after consultation with the Pastor.