Why Membership?

At St. James, we value membership.  We see it as a partnership, just as the apostle Paul described in the above verse.  Membership is making a commitment to St. James.  By becoming a member, you commit to our vision, our values, and our beliefs. Your membership MAKES A DIFFERENCE.

All membership dues for the calendar year must be received by December 31stMembership is open to all parishioners 18 years of age and older.


Attendance is easy.  Membership means more.

Membership is a partnership - a relationship between an individual and the church.  It is a commitment to contribute and not just receive the benefits of the community and the vision. Membership is saying, “Yes, I believe in what the church is doing and I want to play my part in helping the church to achieve this.”  Our members are our support system.

Membership means :

  • You are giving back because you have received.
  • St. James is your spiritual home.
  • You support the Church’s outreach to the neediest.
  • You attend our rich and diverse services and community events.
  • You trust us as stewards of your time, treasure and talent.
  • You value the sense of community with others
  • You encourage us to reach out to more individuals and families.

Here are four good reasons to become a member:

  1. A biblical reason: Christ’s followers live out His commission by formally joining a local body of believers. We call that process church membership.
  2. A cultural reason: You attend our rich and diverse services and community events, and you value the sense of community with others. You support our ministry and programs, many of which are provided at no cost.
  3. A spiritual reason: St. James is your spiritual home.  Becoming a member enables you to maximize your spiritual growth and participation, and gives back because you have received.
  4. A practical reason: All members are eligible to vote on major initiatives at the Parish Assembly, and hold office.  St. James depends on members who are active, thoughtful, and engaged to help shape the future of their local church.  Additionally, members receive special rates on sacraments, hall rentals, etc.

How do I become a member?

  1. Find your membership category:

$50  - ages 18-24
$200 – ages 25-64
$125 – ages 65 +

  1. Fill out a 2022 Membership Card, available in the church office or sanctuary.  Pay your Membership Dues online! Click here.

Questions?  Don’t hesitate to ask Fr. Arakel or any Parish Council member.

St. James is your church.  Join us and your fellow parishioners in making an active commitment and continuing the legacy of this parish for years to come.