Vartavar Celebration! Sunday, July 24

Vartavar Celebration! Sunday, July 24

Join us for our Annual Vartavar Celebration!

Sunday, July 24 | 12:30 - 1:30 pm in the School Street Parking Lot

Inflatable Water Slide | Water Balloons | Sprinklers, Pails, Buckets, and More!
Ice Cream and Snacks! | All ages welcome!

View a flyer and photos from last year's celebration.

What is Vartavar? Vartavar is a water festival in Armenia that has been celebrated since pagan times and was adopted and adapted by Christianity. The festival is celebrated on the streets of Yerevan where people douse friends, family and complete strangers with water. The day was originally dedicated to Astghik, the pagan goddess of water, love, and fertility. Its name comes from the roses that were offered to her during the celebration. 

Watch a video about Vartavar prepared by the Eastern Diocese.