St. James 83rd Anniversary & Name Day Banquet

St. James 83rd Anniversary & Name Day Banquet

On Sunday, December 14th, St. James Church observed its 83rd anniversary and held its annual Name Day celebration.  Following the Divine Liturgy, a banquet was held to celebrate the Feast of St. James, the Bishop of Nisibis, for whom the Watertown church is named. Taking part in the day were Pastor Rev. Fr. Arakel Aljalian, Very Rev. Fr. Krikor Maksoudian, Rev. Fr. Arsen Barsamian, and Rev. Fr. Dajad Davidian.

Longtime parishioner Ruth Harutunian was presented with the "Parishioner of the Year" award.  Additionally, two parishioners and longtime choir members, Lucy Mardirosian and Bob Sanasarian, received the Parish Service Award for their decades of service.

As a longstanding member of the St. James Community, Ruth has been active in the life of the church since childhood. Throughout the years, she has been dedicated to the youth of the parish, teaching Sunday School, encouraging sports teams, and serving on the Scholarship Committee. Additionally, Ruth has been a member of the Women’s Guild for over 40 years, serving in many different capacities throughout the years, and has most recently been instrumental in baking for and organizing the Women’s Guild pastry booth at the parish bazaar.

Service Award recipients Lucy and Bob are longstanding members of the St. James choir, serving an outstanding 60 and 70 years, respectively. They have been involved in various capacities, including organizing the Junior Choir throughout the years.

During the banquet program, Ruth’s nephew Mark Kavonian offered warm memories of Ruth’s influence in his life and her service to St. James.  During her remarks, Ruth commented, “I am especially honored to represent the women of St. James. I may have done well at my jobs, but this recognition is for all.”

We thank Ruth, Lucy, and Bob for their years of loving service and selfless dedication to St. James and the Armenian Church.

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