Men’s Club

The mission of the Men's Club is to encourage the active participation of its members in spiritual and social activities of the Church, and to undertake responsibilities of various functions to support the St. James Armenian Apostolic Church in all its cultural, social and financial programs.

The St. James Men's Club has been directly involved in formulating of a St. James Boy Scout Troop, organizing "Sports Nights" with appearances from notable athletes, arranging New Year's Eve celebrations, Chair annual Bazaars and Picnics; organizing and continuing a flourishing weekly Bingo operation, assist the Building Committee for the Construction of the St. James Cultural and Youth Center, and organizing the annual St. James Men’s Club Golf Tournament in May.

The Men’s Club meets monthly and holds an annual planning meeting. The monthly dinner meetings host outstanding Armenian speakers. The Men’s Club also runs an annual golf tournament, which is a major fundraiser for the Church.

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