Your financial commitment to St. James does three big things:

  1. In a practical way, it enables a work that is much bigger than any one of us.  Our parish is vibrant and active, with many events, organizations, and youth programs --bringing thousands of parishioners through our doors annually.  We are blessed with many parishioners, whose participation in our community of faith contributes to our vitality.  Our collective commitment helps to build God’s kingdom here on earth. 
  1. It indicates that this is a community about which you care deeply.  At St. James, we have a lot to be thankful for.  Our Church did not always look as it does today, of course.  It grew and developed with each passing year enabling us to offer powerfully beautiful liturgy and music, as well as more programs and support for more ministries.  When you make a financial commitment, and make stewardship a way of life, you concede you care about St. James. 
  1. Most importantly, it signifies a material willingness to trust in something bigger than you are. Stewardship is what you do after you say, “I believe.”  Christ is the model of sacrificial giving and a sacrificial gift requires a deeper level of faith and trust in God.  Making a commitment to be a faithful and wise steward of St. James Church begins by acknowledging that everything we have belongs to Him – even our lives.  When we give back to God a meaningful percentage of all that He gives us, we receive much in return.  Stewardship takes root in our lives when we offer our gifts to God with generosity and gratitude.  There are many individuals who give generously to our parish and the Armenian Church but just imagine what we could accomplish together, for each other and the community at-large, if each and every one of us pledged what we are able!

The miracle of stewardship is that the more you give, the more you receive.  This is a hard concept for many to understand.  You won’t always receive in-kind, but what you receive is more precious than what you give because God’s gift to you comes in many unexpected ways.  His gifts will always be greater than your gifts to Him however it still pleases Him to know that you are faithful by giving Him the first fruits of your labor. Give proportionally by offering a percentage of your weekly or monthly income, as you are able.

Why should I give on-line?  It’s a personal preference but here are a few benefits:

  • It’s a step of faith in deciding in advance to give faithfully;
  • It helps simplify life by allowing you to give regularly without having to write another check;
  • It allows you to give consistently and intentionally … even when you’re not at church;
  • It allows St James to responsibly plan the budget for the following year.

On-line giving is a convenient tool for those who call St. James their spiritual home.  And giving on-line has never been easier.  Simply click on the link below.

Become a Steward and Make your Pledge on-line now!