Become a Steward


  • Your Annual Appeal pledge will help sustain our parish and contribute toward its growth, thus ensuring that our children, grandchildren and family will always have a place of worship to call their home in the years ahead.
  • It takes a lot of resources to keep such a large, active parish going.  In order to fulfill the ever-changing needs of our parishioners and community, it is vital that we secure the financial health of our church.  It is impossible to make true progress and appropriate plans effectively meet the needs of our parishioners in the years to come while operating on unpredictable cash flow.

 Why should I pledge? Spiritually, because stewardship concerns our relationship with God, it helps us understand that those things we call possessions are really ours in trust.  It allows us the chance to let go of some of our earthly possessions and experience the joy that comes from sharing what we have been given and offering it back to God.

I’m not sure what to pledge so I just put money in the offering plate each Sunday. Isn’t that good enough? It’s good, but, it could be better. Our weekly offering is not intended to replace our pledge.  The church cannot be as flexible about its expenses. We need to budget and to plan. So, think about what you might normally put in the plate - or what you have normally put in the plate over the years - and write it down in the form of a pledge. It makes it easy, too, when it comes time to vote at Annual Meeting and we can easily show that you are a pledging member of the church.

How do I make a pledge?  You can make your Annual Appeal pledge online here.