Christmas Service Schedule

Christmas Service Schedule

We invite all faithful to attend church services as we celebrate the Feast of the Nativity and Baptism of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  

On the eve of the Feast, the Jrakalouyts Divine Liturgy (the lighting of the lamps service) is celebrated in honor of the manifestation of Jesus as the Son of God (Theophany). 

The following day, the mystery of our Lord's baptism in the River Jordan is remembered in the ceremony of the Churorhnek, or the "Blessing of Water."  

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HOME BLESSINGS - According to Armenian Church tradition, the homes of the faithful are blessed by the priest during the forty days after Christmas and Easter. Families who wish to have their homes blessed are asked to call the church office at 617-923-8860.  

CHRISTMAS OFFERING ”YUGHAKIN” - Remember St. James during this holy season with a Christmas offering. Your offering demonstrates your faith and helps meet the needs of our church. With your help, our church will continue to grow in faith and serve the needs of our faithful. Click here to make a Christmas Yughakin offering online.